Sunday, January 24, 2010


i have a wonderful pimple in the middle of my forehead. i feel like a unicorn but not quite as magical. if only pimples had magical properties...

 i am so anxious about junior year resuming monday. my sleep schedule is so off, i'd be getting up for class in 45 minutes if i had class tomorrow. i really really need to find a job, i feel like such a piece of shit for not being able to find one. i've literally looked on craigslist everyday. hopefully i will be able to get a work-study thing.
after this semester i will be a senior, i have no idea yet what i'm going to be doing. i would really love to be a tattoo artist but i need to finish my degree and see where life takes me then. if i can find an apprenticeship and afford to do so. i've been obsessing over la ink lately, i absolutely love it. i feel like its perfect because i am an obsessive shader in my work. i'm taking a bunch of cool classes this semester, hopefully i will figure some shit out in them. ill have to find reasons to paint. i'm so glad that i learned that this past semester. i never knew that i could oil paint, it always seemed so scary but it's awesome.
i really wanted to paint my room before school started again but its been so cold that i can't open the window if i did paint so it looks like that will have to wait until warmer temperatures.

the human condition is sort of a curse.

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